The launch of HD in India

Sun DTH launches 2 HD channels with Sun Direct HD

The launch of HD in India. Check the last page of today's TOI for the full page ad.

Sun Direct HD
But when i checked the website, it says that they just have 2 HD channels and just movies. Don't know what they are going to air though. They have mentioned Tamil, Telugu & English movies. Wish they would have offered NatGeo HD & Discovery HD as well.

HIGHLIGHTS ( The website says)

Sun Direct HD is our best TV viewing experience with up to 5 times more detail, incredibly vibrant colors, and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound.The Sun Direct HD pack will give you cutting-edge entertainment.

Two High Definition 24 hour entertainment channels in Tamil and Telugu, presenting lots of crystal clear images and viewing experience making television viewing an intense and enjoying experience. The fun doesn’t stop here with lots more in the offering making Sun Direct HD your personal movie theatre.

Its pretty expensive though.

10K for the Box + 1250/- for the installation + Rs 100 + Taxes per Month per Channel + Basic Package Charge

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