High definition TVs run the show - HDTV

Rupali Mukherjee | TNN


New Delhi: 2008 is the year of high definition (HD) TVs with their worldwide share growing to 60%. Led by the increase in digital transmission and liquid crystal display TVs, the share of full HD is expected to become over 70% in India by 2010. A high definition digital TV delivers more picture detail and audio quality than a standard signal, producing pictures that are better, sharper and clearer.
   With Doordarshan promising to give a digital feed of the Commonwealth Games in 2010 and other channels increasingly switching to digital transmission, major TV manufacturers have started introducing their full high definition models in the domestic market.
   At present, sales of full HD TVs are minimal with few models to choose from. Samsung India deputy MD R Zutshi says: "With the growing popularity of DTH and availability of gaming consoles, consumers are realizing the benefits of watching pictures on standard definition LCD screens and full HD LCD TVs. It is not surprising therefore that around 20% of our LCD sales are coming from full HD LCD TV series".
   Samsung offers HD models from 32 to 63 inch in LCD and plasma TVs ranging from Rs 50,000 to over Rs 4.5 lakh, and plans to introduce more models later this year. The high-end 37 inch and 40 inch HD TVs carry a price tag of Rs 65,000 and Rs 75,000 respectively, with the latter being the maximum selling model. Most manufacturers are planning to expand their range of flat panel display (FPD) TVs and full HD models over the festive period.
   "The Indian market is developing, and demand for HD products is increasing. We wish to cultivate the demand for HD in the country by introducing more HD products. For Sony Corp, the biggest markets are USA, Europe and Japan which have now become saturated. The company now wants to focus on Bric nations as these markets are growing at a fast pace. We also plan to introduce more aspirational products in the future like OLED (organic light emitting diode) television", says Masaru Tamagawa, MD, Sony India.
   For Sony, the 26 and 19 inch HD TVs are hot sellers in the LCD market.
   "By 2010, share of full HD liquid crystal display TVs will be around 70% of the total FPD market. At the moment we have around eight models in the LCD category, which are full HD. During the festive season we would be launching more LCD models which are full HD", says V Ramachandran, director marketing LG Electronics India. Worldwide too, led by LCD TVs, the adoption of full HD is expected to rise this year. The proportion of full HD in LCD and plasma display panel (PDP) TVs is likely to surge to 58% and 28% respectively, by 2008, according to tracking agency, DisplayBank.
   In addition to the growing number of TV channels broadcasting in high definition, there are also a number of other devices like gaming consoles, DVD recorders, DVD players and camcorders being developed to operate at the new HDTV standard.


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